Monday, March 13, 2023


We are so happy to tell you – we are missionaries with Proclaim Aviation Ministries! God is opening the door for us to share our wisdom and experience with young adults preparing to be missionary aviators.

Proclaim Aviation was started in 2002 and helps graduates from aviation schools move into full-time ministry.  They do this by getting graduates positions where they can gain hours as flight instructors and mechanics. Proclaim is sending us to  Moody Bible Institute's Aviation Program in Spokane, Washington. Moody has more than 60 years of experience training missionary aviators.  In coordination with Proclaim's home office, Paul will serve in a member care role that includes working with staff members serving in Spokane, as well as encouraging and mentoring students. Bridget will be testing and coaching students struggling with academics.

To support our ministry financially:

Give on the Proclaim Aviation website under our photo.

Donor cards can be printed and mailed with a check or a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD).


Please pray for us as we:

Ask friends and churches to be our prayer and financial partners. Start master level courses in May to equip us for ministry. Move to Spokane, find a home and a church, and connect with students and staff.

Praise the Lord with us for directing our steps to Proclaim and Moody, these six months of refreshment, and time with family and friends.


Travel Schedule:

March 10-15 Dallas/Salem/Corvallis OR

March 16-23 Medford OR

March 24-27 Ashland/Green Springs OR

March 28-31 Medford OR

April 1-30?

May 1-7 Move to Spokane

May 8 Graduate courses start

May 17-19 Paul IAMA conference

May 22-26 Meetings at Moody Aviation


Contact us to set a date and hear about how you or your church can partner with us.


Hope to see you soon in person or on Zoon!


Paul and Bridget Abbott

Thursday, February 9, 2023


Bridget and I are still in the process of joining Proclaim Aviation (a mission organization in the US) with the intention of working with students, interns and staff at
Moody Bible Institute's Aviation Program in Spokane, Washington. We want to meet students, interns and staff where they are and help them grow in their relationship with God so they can stay on target as they follow God and serve Him.  At this time, we are waiting for the directors of the institute and the mission to write a letter of understanding defining our specific roles.  

Meanwhile the director of Moody Aviation recommended we read some books so we can better understand the current culture of the students. Proclaim Aviation advised us to also take an intensive two-week class about partnership development during February. As you can imagine, we are up to our eyeballs in homework! We look forward to sharing with you the things we are learning. We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare for the ministry God has for us in Spokane. 

Medford First Baptist Church is continuing to oversee our transition and you can donate to our ministry though them.

Thanks for your interest. We will keep you posted as our adventure unfolds.


Paul and Bridget Abbott